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Viceroy Cigarettes

Viceroy Filter (Red) Cigarettes pack
Minimum amount of cartons 3
Price $ 32.45
Viceroy Lights (Blue) Cigarettes pack
Minimum amount of cartons 2
Price $ 24.20
Viceroy Ultra Lights (Silver) Cigarettes pack
Minimum amount of cartons 2
Price $ 24.20

If you're are bored by the top class brands like Marlboro, Camel, and Winston; and wanted to try something different but a brand of good quality, then Viceroy would be a good choice. This may not be among the top three cigarette brands but they are surely cigarettes of very high quality. Viceroy cigarettes were very famous in the 1950's and 1960's. Even today this brand can boast of a very good sales percentage. Viceroy Cigarettes are in strong demand in many parts of the world; this includes countries like Turkey, Romania, Argentina, and Chile. Viceroy cigarettes are very popular in many regions of Asia and the East European countries. Apart from the fine quality and good taste Viceroy Cigarettes are also preferred for their reasonable cost. This cigarette brand is a perfect choice for any person looking for a quality cigarette at an affordable price.

This brand of cigarette was first made by Brown and Williamson in the early 1930's. This tobacco company was later transferred to the British American Tobacco. In 2004 the British American Tobacco Company and R.J. Reynolds decided to merge and jointly produce and distribute Viceroy Cigarettes. This was done to combine the resources and the expertise of both the companies to increase the reach of this wonderful brand. The gamble paid off and the joint arrangement turned out to be very profitable for all parties involved.

This brand has several varieties like Viceroy Box Kings, Viceroy Light Box Kings, Viceroy Ultra Light Kings, Viceroy Ultra Light 100's and many more. In the year 2000, the brand released its menthol flavored cigarettes. One of their variants Viceroy Lights (Blue) are the best variety of this brand and the best available light cigarette in the market. So try this brand, you can either choose Viceroy Light (Blues) or Viceroy Silver, they may differ in flavor and aroma but they are all the same in quality.

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