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Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Lucky Strike Click and Roll Cigarettes pack
Minimum amount of cartons 2
Price $ 40.70
Lucky Strike Lights (Blue) Cigarettes pack
Minimum amount of cartons 3
Price $ 40.60
Lucky Strike Original Red Cigarettes pack
Minimum amount of cartons 3
Price $ 47.60
Lucky Strike Original Silver Cigarettes pack
Minimum amount of cartons 3
Price $ 52.70

Why do you want to smoke any other cigarette when you can afford the best brand in the market? Yes, I am referring to a brand that tastes better than any other cigarette, which satisfies you better than any other brand, and which is reasonably priced compared to other cigarette brands. Lucky Strike or Luckies, as they are also called, are made of fine tobacco - only fine tobacco can give you the best tasting cigarette. Even the brand's slogan indicated that, the slogan "L.S.M.F.T" means Lucky Strike means fine tobacco and that is why you'll find that Luckies taste better than any other cigarette brand.

Lucky Strike cigarettes were first introduced as cigarettes in the year 1905 by R.A. Patterson in Richmond and the brand was sold to American Tobacco Company in the 1900's. The sales of this brand shot up many folds in the 1920's and 1930's. American Tobacco Company's quest for greater market share and wider reach was ably supported the British American Tobacco by assisting them in areas of promotion and distribution. In 1978, the export rights to Luckies were sold to Brown & Williamson Tobacco, which would end up buying the American Tobacco Company outright in 1994. Lucky Strike rolled out promotional campaigns and new slogans to capture the untapped customer base that of female smokers. They introduced slogans like "Reach for a Lucky Strike instead of a sweet" to reach out to more women. This slogan and promotional campaign actually worked and the sales of Lucky Strike cigarettes shot up 300 percent during the initial years of this ad campaign.

Lucky Strike finds mention in many forms of media like in a video game named Metal Gear 2 where the protagonist of the game is often shown smoking the fictional version of Lucky Strike. In the song "I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide", the second verse has the lines "They sportin' short dresses, wearin' spike-heeled shoes, they smokin' Lucky Strikes, wearing nylon too." Currently Lucky Strike has a large fan base in Europe.

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